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Find your night. Share your experience. Reap the rewards.
WhotNow, Find your night. Share your experience. Reap the rewards.

WhotNow Features

Tell us what makes you tick

Locally sourced craft beer or a posh drop of Italian red? Club, lounge, pub or bar? Jazz, house or guitar-thrashing indie? Tell us what you’re into and we’ll recommend a venue based on your interests.

WhotNow App Bespoke Recommendations

Find out what’s on near you

Once you’ve told us what you’re in the mood for, we’ll show you all the places nearby that fit the bill.

Get rewarded for going out

If you’re sharing your night out/experience on social media anyway, why not get rewarded for it? When you check-in or tag a venue in a post, you earn WhotNow coins that can be exchanged for things like shots, snacks or a bottle of champagne.

Claiming Your Reward is Easy

The coins you earn are kept in your coin wallet – this is where you can keep track of your rewards. When you’re ready, choose the reward you want and show your screen to the bartender and they’ll make it happen.

Coins Wallet

Keep track of how many coins you’ve earned in your coins wallet. You can see in which of your favourite venues you’ve earned the most, and what rewards you can claim.

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